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PHOTO: Oh by the way, he’s my picker in crime, too. I snapped this photo during a barn-pick in Forest City, NC.

the brains 
behind the build

Meet my fiance, Steven, with Legendre and Sons Builders. He’s my Mr. Fix-It, Build-It, Hang-It. I name it and he does it. It’s truly a Prince Charming moment every time he makes one of my harebrained ideas into reality. Whether I have a vision for repurposing a piece of junk or crafting something beautiful from barn wood, it’s prayers answered with that man. Although I love a good power tool and getting my hands dirty, Steven is most certainly the brains behind nearly every build I do.

Plus, let’s be honest, I can’t measure to save my life, y’all.

Just a few more lines of sap and then I’ll stop.
Ladies, it’s imperative that you find a man who pushes you straight into a nose dive to chasing your dreams. I’m whole all by myself, but Steven completes me in ways I never knew I needed. He’s one of the most hardworking people I have ever met and a very patient soul who has taught me so much, including how to take risks, by simply being there for me if I fall. There’s not a doubt in my mind, Back at Momma’s Antiques would never have been if it weren’t for Steven’s unfailing support and that push to take a risk.

I love you, my dear Steven.

Makin’ dream-builds come true:
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