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You know those things that take you right back to Momma’s? The smells. The sounds.

For me, it’s the sound of a wooden screen door shutting, wind chimes and the smell of lilacs.

I had the incredible blessing of growing up in a 100+ year-old farmhouse in a rural outskirt of Bowling Green, Ohio. My parents brought me home from the hospital and I grew up every day for 18 years in that house until moving away to North Carolina for college.

I didn’t realize how special of a blessing that was or that it even was a blessing until much later in life. Not many people get to live in the same house their entire childhood. Even less get to make as many memories as I did with my mom, dad and two older sisters there. It was like our own little fort. Three sides of the property were typically walls of corn fields with only the road frontage to connect us to the rest of the world. Life happened there. So fast. Yet, so slow.  

That home is the reason I love making homes feel like everything the word 'home' embodies. Momma’s house spoiled me into always wanting a home filled with years and years of stories, memories and meaning. Home is home - even when it's a college apartment, rental or a fixer-upper bought on an auction site like my husband and I renovated and now call our first home together. Even if it's not your dream 'forever home,' it's a special part of your story and journey.

That’s my long-winded answer for why I started Back at Momma’s Antiques. Everything I decorate my house with has to have meaning and a story. I’ve never wanted the cookie-cutter, box-store bought decor. I’d rather have roadside picks and barn finds fill my home. The dirtier and rustier, the richer the story. 

And I want that for you, too. I want my customers to buy authentic, unique pieces that tell a story. Oftentimes, we have saved these pieces out of abandoned farmhouses and barns that are scheduled for demolition. And it's your purchase that breathes new life and adds another chapter to a beautiful story.

If you treasure the memories you make while shopping and the stories you inherit with the purchase of my pieces, I will be forever happy with the work I do.

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” -Erin Flett

-Katelin, Owner

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